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  • “We departed Pura Vida in a Toyota rental car that was delivered within a few feet of that amazing breakfast” Greg in Florida
  • “I have lived in Costa Rica for two years now and travelled extensively throughout the country . . . Pura Vida Hotel is by far my favorite place to stay" Ruth, Peace Corps Volunteer
  • “The cuisine the night we were there was the freshest of fish picked by chef Nhi at market, delicately prepared . . . and a solid wine selection” BH in CA

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You no doubt found the Pura Vida in a guide book or online. There are many ways to make a decision about your vacation accommodations and many things that influence your decision. When we travel to a country we have not been to, we'll pick up a guide book and try and learn something about the different areas - some we may have heard of and some we may just like the sound of. "Dushanbe" the capital of Tajikistan comes to mind. Who would not yearn to explore the undercurrents of a place with such a name!

For now we want to send a BIG THANK YOU to all our former guests

. . .for their support through the guide books, the online forums and the reviews that you have given us! Muchas Gracias from the Pura Vida Hotel!

We hope we may welcome you to the Pura Vida, a name that resonates with everything Costa Rican - Pura Vida is the national "hello" and "goodbye", it is a "welcome" to old friends or maybe even an exclamation meaning something like "cool" or "neato" or "yeah, that's it!" Just say "Pura Vida" to any local and you are sure to elicit a delighted smile.

The Pura Vida Hotel has gads of TripAdvisor ratings, gads more notices on Tralfamadorean online space forums and is listed in pretty much every guidebook such as

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  • The Moon Guide to Costa Rica
  • Sleeping with the Toucans - 100 Great Places to Stay
  • Open Road's Best of Costa Rica
  • New Key to Costa Rica
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  • Explore Costa Rica

Lots of guests just keep coming back every year (you'll find their comments in TripAdvisor) and many others who came as referrals from their friends. Here's a few:

"All aspects of my stay at Pura Vida Hotel were outstanding: the accommodations were aesthetic, spacious and comfortable, the service was superlative." Carita Iliana, Cocles, Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica

"We had a wonderful early morning excursion to Poas Volcano, a great view of the volcano and a hike too." Suzanne and Bruce Degen, San Anselmo, California

"Our whole trip in Costa Rica was fully Pura Vida. We snorkeled with dolphins, dived with sharks, saw manta rays jumping out of the water. . . ". Paul & Tosca Amsterdam, Holland

"Besides the food, which was stupendous, we loved our day exploring with our English speaking driver/guide from the Pura Vida Hotel." Cathy Sanford, Scotts Valley, California

"We saw the rain forest in Monteverde, were lucky enough to see Volcan Arenal erupting for two nights in a row, and came face to face with monkeys in Manuel Antonio, which is a beautiful town." Steve, Oakland, California, USA

"Thank you Pura Vida Hotel. We simply enjoyed this very relaxing place with a wonderful breakfast and an amazing dinner, surrounded by your beautiful garden." Florence, Paris, France

"We decided to recover from our overnight flight and jet lag for a few days at the Pura Vida Hotel before tackling the long drives we had planned to Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and Nosara" Mary and Paul Manix, Los Angeles, California, USA

"Our first visit was reserved from the states. We drove up to the Hotel and immediately fell in love with the setting full of fruit trees, hummingbirds, and butterflies everywhere." Janie Kainrath, Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA

"It was just like staying at good friends home with a marvelous dinner and a great help with all questions and organization. Nothing is too much for the owner and helpful staff." Eduard and Anneke Soudijn, The Netherlands

"As General Manager of The Travel Store in San Jose, Costa Rica; I had to arrange a meeting for a organization of which I am a member. I chose the Pura Vida Hotel because of the first class service, rooms, and location near the international aiport." Ray Haigist - The Travel Store, San Jose, Costa Rica

"It was my first trip to anywhere south of the United States, and by far the biggest voyage of my life by myself. " Colette Doudin, Morristown, NJ - thinking global, living local

"Imagine if you had friends that traveled all over the world and used those experiences to build their house. Thats what this wonderful hotel is. From the moment we were let in behind the gates by the owner we felt at home." Vilnius, posted on TripAdvisor.com

"We lived in this country a fantastic adventure with tops as Irazu craters, Arenal eruptions, Tortuguero animals, Cahuita, and Osa peninsula." Didier, Francoise, Magali et Timothy Kruger, Montpellier, France

"Pura Vida arranged for a wonderful English-speaking guide who took me to the butterfly farm and the Alajuela market. The day was capped by one of the best meals I've had." Lynne, Park City, Utah The Secret Garden

"Pura Vida Hotel is a portal for adventure in Costa Rica. It is a great first and last night of your vacation. When you arrive, you can get good information from the people that are finishing their vacation and flying out." David and Charlotte Holst, Nassau, Bahamas

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