George asks today:

Looking to stay the night and then fly to La Fortuna. The hotel is close to the airport. Just cannot see myself flying and driving 4 hrs doesn't seem very relaxing. Your web site seems laid back sort of what I'm looking for in my vacation. Also is La Fortuna worth the 4 hr trip to see the volcano and the natural springs. I trust your opinion.

"Well, as 80% of our guests seem to start their trip to Costa Rica this way and it is also one of our favorite destinations, then my answer is "YES" . . . what you need on the other end though is a nice place to stay and people who'll point you in the right direction when you get there. We last stayed st Steve and Debbies Leaves and Lizards a couple of months back. You'll need a 4WD to get in - a bit bumpy.

This view from our cabins bedroom was just what a vacationing Innkeeper could want:

Yes, its worth it. Um worth what?