A guest sometimes wonders where their email response went from yesterday.

Essentially we use the slower electrons in the neo-tropics (and rainy season) often interspersed with some nice Cuban music . . . sorry about the delay!

As one engineer with the local internet provider (called ICE . . . which may explain a lot) told me . . . "in the rainy season OUR Wimax can't get up YOUR hill because all the trees will be full of water" . . . I have not been able to substantiate this information made more confusing to me after 3 ICE guys showed up to disconnect a neighbors Wimax service that had been working fine.

Of course there's always this snippet I just discovered (though well known by some for decades): The de Broglie wavelength l of an electron with kinetic energy T = 150 eV is 0.1 nm, which is comparable with distances between neighboring atoms in an ordinary molecule and in usual condensed matter. In general, l = 0.1 x (150 eV / T ) 1/2 nm becomes greater at lower T, and eventually reaches 7.7 nm at thermal energy at room temperature. Although this notion is well known for eight decades, some of current calculations on transport of slow electrons in condensed matter remain based upon the classical trajectory of an electron.

I am thinking that every day I get closer to the truth of "the matter", or just matter.

See you next month, your confirmation went out this morning, sorry for the delay!