This is an interesting rural web site Rural Costa Rica. In particular because it contains a nice discussion on Costa Rican Spanish Costa Rican Spanish Guide. For example:


noun, adjective

'Tico' is what Spanish speakers often call Costa Ricans, instead of the formal costarricense. Costa Ricans also refer to themselves as 'ticos', so the terms is by no means pejorative. The popular explanation for the nickname 'Tico' is the common usage of the '-itico' diminutive suffix in Costa Rican Spanish.




This is what Costa Ricans shout when they're at the door of someone else's house. It is simply a word to signal their presence in leiu of a doorbell

As the women's group states on their home page:

"The Santa Fe Women's Group welcomes you to Rural Costa Rica. The Women's Group, a dedicated group of 19 women from Santa Fe de Guatuso in Costa Rica's Northern Zone, has a number of different projects and activities that show what real Costa Ricans are all about. The group has executed projects in biogas and reforestation, and is pursuing possibilities in a rural tourism initiative in Costa Rica's Northern Zone to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Guatuso region in a responsible, sustainable way."

A biodigestor at work in the community.

The web site has no map and the area referred to by the women's group doesn't really exist on a map . . . the community of Rio Celeste is usually thought of as a waterfall rather than a particular place people live . . . but these are merely the challenges of a rural adventure in Costa Rica.

If you'd like to visit the area they will point you to this phone number 506-2479-7062 - Christian speaks English - more info can be found here Costa Rica Rural Tours - he can be reached by email at If you need a connection to explore the efforts of a number of rural associations in the area - he represents 12 of them - contact him directly. He can set up tours to Rio Celeste area - a full day trip - either with a guide they will send to travel in your car or a van for a bigger group.

If you need transportation to the area we can help you at our other web sight :Insight Costa Rica