This bit from our local online newspaper.

"Electrical certification seen as safety measure By the A.M. Costa Rica staff An international group that will meet here next week has a goal of certifying electricians. Costa Rica does not now have such a program, . . . "

2 nights ago. 7pm dinner starting. Full house. Bang, flash, plunged into darkness.

Grope, grope, "no worries guys, it's an insurrection from the north." "Hang on while I make things work."

Grope, grope, "Ah the flash light, now who moved the candles?"

"Yes, yes I know our web site says we have candle light dinners, isn't this nice."

"About that insurrection?"

"No worries they don't even know how to have an election and apparently you don't even need a majority to ruin (or run) the country."

"I was only kidding about the insurrection anyway but that's why you came to Costa Rica, no? Some excitement? Push life to a higher more elevated plane? Eat gourmet dinners in pitch darkness?"

10 minutes later. Lights come back on. "How was the salad?" "These ICE electricians are getting better at this, you know." [ICE - the national electrical company]

10 minutes later as the main course is being consumed. Bang, flash, darkness. We see guys on a pole next door with a floodlit area nearby. There is diligent work going on at the pole.

"Maybe they DO know how to run an insurrection north of the border? Perhaps Mrs Murillo has taken over."

15 minutes later lights come on. 3 minutes later . . . bang, flash, darkness. "Thank goodness for surge protectors and a good supply of candles!"

Later . . .

"Tonight's entertainment is brought to you by ICE. We hope you enjoyed the show."

The 6th and final bang, flash occurred at 3am.

The only questions that remain are:

1) how is it possible to replace a blown transformer so quickly? Love those ICE guys and girls!


2) how is it possible to blow up 6 transformers in one night?

You can't make this stuff up.


Major fan of free and fair electrons.