For the last few months the kitchen of the Pura Vida has been hosting a series of special dinners . . . these dinners are usually taste and recipe tests for the upcoming opening of MEKoNG Asia Fuasion, a new restaurant in Escazu (not necessarily at the Pura Vida). Below is a test menu to look at plating and presentation . . .

Fried Shrimp Wontons (Cantonese)

Deep fried shrimp wontons on wasabi mayonese – a great first course to share with friends

Green Papaya salad with Fresh Fish of the Day (Thai style)

There’s many ways to do this dish. This is our Thai version with dried shrimp – topped with a delicious grilled Robalo (you may know it as Snook) fresh from the co-op at Tarcoles on the Pacific.

Lemon Grass Beef (Vietnamese)

In Ho Chi Minh City this would be a “salad course” – cold rice noodles topped with stir fried beef.

This will be stir fried like many Mekong dishes on our special 90,000 BTU woks soon to be brought in from Beijing

Banh Xeo – Our Signature Crepe (Vietnam)

For the moment the only authentic Banh Xeo – pork, shrimp, bean sprouts and more in a crispy rice flour crepe – perhaps something to share for a first course.

Tom Yum Soup with Kafir Lime Leaf (Thai)

The traditional Tom Yum from Thailand or Laos, is both hot and sour from a variety of interesting ingredients such as lemon grass, chili pepper and galangal – one sip may be enough to get you hooked for life

Brocolli Beef by Wok (Cantonese)

Stir fried in the wok, our best cut of tenderloin of beef served with a perfect jasmine rice

Lemon Ginger Lemon

Our fusion lemon bars from the MEKoNG garden lemons in Alajuela, a little ginger gelee served with a lemon vodka ice