Sue Anne tells us she is going to visit friends in San Rafael. And asks "where is it?"

We have 47 San Rafaels in Costa Rica according to the last count . . . I have a tour of the San Rafaels of Costa Rica if you are interested. Every day we wake up in San Rafael and every night we sleep in another - you get to see the whole country yet always wake up in the same place.

My taxi broke, gonna make a new one

She says, "it is the one near San Isidro."

You know there are also numerous San Isidros - there are two very close to us here in Alajuela.

Sue Anne explains, "it is the San Isidro that people call Perez Zeledon."

Our friends, the Innkeepers of Perez Zeledon

Ah of course that one.

Your San Isidro is, in actual fact, Perez Zeledon - I'm pretty sure that is correct as I was on the historical Perez Zeledon web site recently. It is named after a famous guy most people have forgotten. People down there call it Perez so it must be. They say "I'm going to Perez on Saturday." They do that because the real name is San Isidro de General and it is too long to say. A Tico explained it that way to me. A Tico is the way to say Costa Rican because "Costa Rican" (in Spanish) is too long to say.

This is the town in the Zona Sur where all the taxis are painted like race cars. Did you know we also have a San Carlos that is really Ciudad Quesada and a Muelle that is Muelle San Carlos until they changed the name to Ciudad Quesada. I am guessing it should be called Muelle Ciudad Quesada? But that would be too long to say?

A Birthday party above Perez Zeledon - our friends at the lovely Rio Chirripo Lodge

The good news is that since we have almost no road signs and no mail service it really doesn't matter what they are called. Well until the day you try to find San Rafael :-)).

Frank & Ori, Innkeepers of Canaan (there is only one in the country - phew!)