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Here's Pura Vida Hotel on a Google Map

Notice Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) a little bit below and to the right of Pura Vida Hotel.


Well appointed private casitas near San Jose (SJO) airport

To reach the Pura Vida Hotel directly:

Our email address is We will usually get back to you in a day unless we are traveling in the boondocks which we try to do once a month or so.

Our Snail Mail address is:

  • Pura Vida Hotel
  • PO Box 1703-4050,
  • Alajuela, Costa Rica

As we have a barely functional postal service and no real street names or addresses we do not advise mailing anything in Costa Rica or to Costa Rica. It's a long story we can tell you when you get here. If you are trying to get books to the local school, the best way is to fly them in with a friend and we will pay the taxi ride of the books from the airport to the hotel and we'll get them to the schools (or you can deliver them yourself).

Address in Spanish (for Spanish speaking taxi drivers):

1500 metros de la fabrica de Punto Rojo en Alajuela, casa a mano izquierda, frente al cruce de la carretera de Tuetal norte y sur.

Address in French (for French taxi drivers - smile please):

1500 metres de la fabrique Punto Rojo en Alajuela, la maison a gauche, a l'intersection de la route a Tuetal du Nord et Tuetal du Sud.

Address in English (for pragmatic English taxi drivers):

Stop the NEXT red taxi you see and ask them to lead you to Pura Vida Hotel in the village of Tuetal de Alajuela!

Address in Betelgeusian (for Interplanetary stopovers - ask us about our REALLY international cuisine :-) ):

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