Amanda's School Project

Escuela Tuetal Sur
Escuela Tuetal Sur getting ready for class

Escuela Tuetal Sur
It's hotter in Texas!

Escuela Tuetal Sur
Starting my Costa Rican trip project

One day recently as I was helping a guest with their reservations Amanda wrote me: "Our kids would like to assemble some books and maybe a computer for delivery to Escuela Tuetal Sur. Could you help me arrange a visit to deliver books (and maybe tour the school) on the morning of March 12 or afternoon of March 18? Kids will work odd jobs and save their allowance to save money, so a trip to barrio or any other worthy institution can work, just let me know. The highlight of our visit to Belize last year was delivering medical supplies."

What a tremendous idea to tune the kids into the family vacation, I thought.

This future web page will be dedicated to telling the story of how this beautiful idea got going, what Amanda's kids got up to and how it all ended up on the school visit.  If you would like to participate and have your kids collabrate on such a project with our local school just email me directly - Berni at the Pura Vida Hotel -

More to follow as we get the project going.