INTRODUCINGThe Third Indigenous Games of Costa Rica, April 2024

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If you are going to be in Costa Rica in April 2024 and you 

  • have a sense of adventure
  • and would like to support a very good cause

 . . . come join us April 2024 (dates to be announced) over on the Caribbean side.


This is the Third Indigenous Games held in Costa Rica (this edition was delayed by the Covid epidemic), previous games were held in 2018 (a video from those games).  

This is about a proud indigenous identity:

  • the organizers led by Gamaliel Molina Díaz are inviting upwards of 150 athletes from 24 indigenous territories all over Costa Rica
  • their goals include promoting indigenous identities (and in particular the younger generation) and indigenous culture throughout Costa Rica
  • they want to promote economic activity and tourism in the region
  • they are raising money from places like Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation (of Gail Nystrom)Professional Womens Network of Costa Rica (Martha Rollins), the Association of Residents of Costa Rica ARCR, The Cabecar Project and more.  They have no government funding for support of the games nor the travel and lodging of the athletes.

Bribri itself is not too far from the delightful towns of Cahuita and Puerto Nuevo.  This is a remote indigenous area visited by almost no tourists so you will be on quite the adventure.

SO WHERE IS Gavilán Caanta? 

It is about an hour east of the town of Puerto Viejo via Bribri on a dirt road for the last 15km but the locals drive it in a 2WD, so it can't be too bad :-))

This is a remote indigenous area visited by almost no tourists so you will be on quite the adventure.  There is a little very rural lodging in Gavilán Caanta and Bribri but plenty of lodging in Puerto Viejo and the other tourism towns south of there.

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We could do with your help - see below  . . .



This is a preliminary schedule of events (dates being finalized: we will update this page when we have a schedule):

Day 1 2024 

Activity List 

Day 2 2024

Activity List 

Day 3 2024

Activity List 


There is some limited lodging in Gavilán Caanta and Bribri - to learn more about lodging in the area contact Gamaliel Molina Díaz AKA Gama on whatsapp at +506 8877 0228 or by email at

There are many lodges in the general area of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo - for Puerto Viejo here on TripAdvisor and for Cahuita here.


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This project involves very long travel from all the remote indigenous communities of Costa Rica, feeding of upwards of 150 athletes, some lodging in the communities etc.  Help us by making a donation of $100 (more if you can spare it) to The Costa Rica Humanitarian Foundation led by Gail Nystrom (click here for multiple direct donation methods)

Come join us in April. Show up at any time on any of the days from 9am to 5pm and help celebrate the indigenous cultures of Costa Rica. Come for an hour, come for a day, come all 3 days if you like.  It will make memories you will never forget!

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