Our relationship with Toyota Car Rentals, the #1 rental agency in Costa Rica (well according to our guests - yea really) allows us to bring you these specials:

#1 Rental Agency - Toyota & Pura Vida together

Rent a Toyota Yaris, Get a Corolla

Rent a Terrios Bego, get a Toyota RAV4

Thinking of renting a car? The Pura Vida Hotel in conjunction with our Toyota Rent a Car partners have some deals for September, October and November 2017

  • Book a Toyota Yaris get a free upgrade to a Toyota Corolla (Sept 1st to Nov 30th 2017 - min 3 days rental)
  • Book a Terios Bego get a free upgrade to a Toyota RAV4 (Sept 1st to Nov 30th 2017 - min 3 days rental) . . . this is the deal of the season
  • Book a Toyota Prado get a free "box on top" normally $20/day but free for Pura Vida guests only (min 3 days rental)
  • Use your own phones or pad as an online google map - add Siempre Wifi instead of GPS - $9/day with unlimited data (published price $20/day).  This is a standalone box you can use in the car, in the hotel or on the beach where there is a cell signal, includes free 15 mins international calling, and no more dinking around with foreign GPS, use your own minipad, android or smartphone and use Siempre Wifi as your cellular hotspot (supports multiple connections) and emergency call home device

Please call +506-2430-2929 or +506-2430-2630 or email info@puravidahotel and mention promotion "Toyota & Pura Vida Together".  We will email you back with what is available (limited availability in all cases).